Frequently Asked Questions

Decorative FAQ RoadsignListed below are answers to common questions frequently posed to the Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency. Either scroll down through the entire page, or click on a particular topic to be taken directly to that section. If your particular query is not addressed by these frequently asked questions (FAQ), do not hesitate to contact us directly.


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General Questions

Q1. Where can I find information about emergency preparedness?
A1. Your family may not be together when disaster strikes. Learn how to make a plan by visiting You can also keep this information with you all the time by downloading the Ready Georgia mobile app available on iPhone or Android OS.

Q2. How do I report suspicious activity?
A2. All suspicious activity should be reported to your local law enforcement.

Q3. Where can I find GEMA/HS employment opportunities?
A3. All current job openings are listed on our Web site under "Careers."

Q4. How do I become a vendor with the state?
A4. Vendor information is on the Department of Administrative Services site, visit for more information.


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Public Assistance

Q1. How do I apply for food stamps?
A1. GEMA/HS Public Assistance Division does not issue food stamps. However, we recommend contacting your residing county Department of Family and Children Services.

Q2. Can you help me find a place to stay?
A2. The Public Assistance Division does not assist with housing relocation. However, we recommend contacting the housing authority in the county of interest.

Q3. I have a rotten tree in my yard. Can you help me to take it down?
A3. The Public Assistance Division does not assist with the removal of trees/debris from private property.

Q4. Can you help transfer my Section 8 housing/housing authority from one state to another?
A4. The Public Assistance Division does not assist with housing relocation. However, we recommend contacting the housing authority in the county of interest.

Q5. What types of grants are managed by the Public Assistance Division?
A5. State Homeland Security Grant Program, Urban Area Security Initiative Grant Program, Law Enforcement Terrorism Prevention Program, Buffer Zone Protection Program, Citizen Corps and Metropolitan Medical Response System.

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Flood Insurance

Q1. I need flood insurance, where do I start?
A1. To learn more about flood insurance, visit

Q2. How can I find out if my house or property is in a Flood Zone?
A2. To learn more about flood zones, visit FEMA's Flood Map Service Center

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Q1. How do I apply for a GEMA/HS training course?
A1. You may apply online by visiting the GEMA/HS training registration website.

Q2. How do I schedule a GEMA/HS field delivered course?
A2. Submit a Request for Training Form 2-1 to the GEMA/HS Training Office. The form must be signed by the local EMA Director.

Q3. Who do I call to ask questions concerning training?
A3. Call the GEMA/HS Training Office at (478) 993-4612.

Q4. I've applied online for a GEMA/HS training course that is offered at the Georgia Public Safety Training Center and have not received a response. When will I rec​eive a response?
A4. Course participants are selected 30 days prior to each course, at which time emails are sent to all applicants, advising them of their status (accepted, standby or turned down).

Q5. Who do I call for information on Office of Domestic Preparedness training courses?
A5. GEMA/HS Training Office at (478) 993-4613.


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Homeland Security Grants and Training


Q1. How do I become a member of the Type III Incident Management Team (IMT) in my area?
A1. Visit Georgia All Hazards Incident Management Teams  Site or Contact Ronnie Register at 404-635-7222 or

Q2. How do I request an extension to a current Homeland Security grant?
A2. Please contact your assigned grants manager as noted in the sub-grantee agreement sent with the original award documents.

Q3. When does my grant expire?
A3. Please refer to the sub-grantee agreement sent with the original award documents or contact your grants manager.

Q4. How do I request training courses or technical assistance from the US Department of Homeland Security?
A4. Please contact the Training Manager, Ed Westbrook, at 478-993-4621 or



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News & Media

Q1. What number do I call to reach a public information officer?
A1. Call 1-800-TRY-GEMA (879-4362) and ask to speak to a public information officer. The PIO on duty will be paged.

Q2. How do I submit a media inquiry?
A2. On the GEMA/HS website homepage under the Media Center tab, click Submit an Inquiry to complete your request. ​​​​ ​