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Georgia Citizen Corps TrademarkCitizen Corps

The Citizen Corps effort is coordinated at the local government level by a Citizen Corps Council, or a similar coordinating body, which brings together leaders from the relevant sectors of the community. The purpose of the council is to enable all decision makers to be at the table to manage existing volunteer resources and to direct the overall Citizen Corps initiatives in their community.

While the Citizen Corps consists of several programs at the national level, the focus in Georgia is upon Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) and the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC). If you are looking for the closest Citizen Corps program near where you live or work, please follow this link to locate your local Citizen Corps programs or to learn more about the national Citizen Corps initiative:

Community Emergency Response Team Providing Information to CitizensMission

The mission of Citizen Corps is to harness the power of every individual through education, training, and volunteer service to make communities safer, stronger, and better prepared to respond to the threats of terrorism, crime, public health issues and disasters of all kinds.

Grant Information

Citizen Corps funding is used to support CERT and MRC. The grant provides funding assistance to state efforts in engaging citizens in all-hazards prevention, protection, response and recovery. The grant will be administered by GEMA/HS, which services as the State Administrative Agency. The Citizen Corps program is part of the State Homeland Security Grant Program.

Train the Trainer

For more information on Citizen Corps, contact:

Lee Brown
Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency
Citizen Corps Program Coordinator

Phone: (404) 635-7013